HACCP Resources

The following lists provide information for processors in many meat and poultry HACCP topic areas: example plans, forms, supporting documentation resources, assistance, general information, regulations, etc. Look for Seafood HACCP information at the bottom of this page.



Supporting Documentation & Validation Resources

  • Developing Product Lotting and Coding
  • Supporting Documentation Databases
    • K-State Scientific Article Databases Coming Soon!
      • Antimicrobials used in RTE meats to control Listeria monocytogenes, allowing processors to operate under Alternative 1 or 2
      • Hot water washes to control E. coli O157:H7 contamination during slaughter and through chilling
    • The Ohio State University's database is an excellent resource of articles for every HACCP process category.
  • Product Category Validation Documents
    • The University of Wisconsin's Center for Meat Process Validation provides validation documents sorted by HACCP product category.
  • Pathogen Modeling Program
    • USDA-ARS developed the program for processors to use various environmental conditions to predict the growth and inactivation of foodborne bacteria and pathogens.
  • THERM v.2.0
    • Developed and validated by the University of Wisconsin, this program evaluates raw product temperature variations.
  • Thermometer Calibration Guides

HACCP Information & Assistance

  • HACCP and Food Safety Assistance
    Provided for small meat and food processing operations in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota.
  • HACCP Books & Videos
    Reference materials are available for loan through Kansas State University.
  • HACCP Publications
    Manuals, handbooks, guides, and videos are available for purchase through the American Meat Institute.
  • HACCP Workshops
    Workshops are held annually in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota.
  • International HACCP Alliance
    Developed on March 25, 1994, this organization provides a uniform program to assure safer meat and poultry products. It is housed within the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University. This site links to HACCP related hot topics, alliance news lines, training activities, food industry news, board room and food safety information. A Scientific Article Database is currently underway as well.


Seafood HACCP