Microbiological and Quality Assessment

A meat microbiological lab housed in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at K-State is available for routine microbiological analyses including total plate count, coliform count, generic E. coli count, psychrotrophic count, and yeast and mold count. These counts can be conducted in conjunction with shelf-life evaluation or as a separate analysis to assess the microbial quality of your product.

For specialized pathogen validation or challenge tests, or other pathogen analyses, contact Dr. Daniel Y.C. Fung (785-532-1208) or Dr. Randall Phebus (785-532-1215).

Shipping Sample
When shipping meat samples for microbiological analysis, use insulated, clean, and structurally sound containers. When packing samples for shipment, first place clean, frozen ice packs in the bottom of the shipping container. Next, place a layer of insulating material on top of the ice packs. This insulation can be any number of materials, such as cardboard sheet, newspaper, bubble-wrap, or packing peanuts that do not degrade when wet. Cardboard and newspaper work the best. Next, place the sample on top of the layer of insulation and freezer packs. Add another layer of insulating material on top of the sample, followed by additional freezer packs, and another layer of insulation. Be sure to place a letter of request inside the box before it is closed. Securely close the container with packaging tape. Instructions to KEEP REFRIGERATED should appear on the outside of the package. Dry ice can be used in lieu of freezer packs. However, if dry ice is used as a coolant, more insulation is required to prevent the samples from freezing. Check with your selected courier service for special packaging and shipping instructions prior to using dry ice.

K-State scientists and Extension assistants will work with you to determine the type of analyses and number of samples needed for evaluation of your product. Fees for microbiological analysis are dependent on services provided.

For assistance with microbiological analysis, contact:

Liz Boyle
Kansas State University
Department of Animal Sciences and Industry
249 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-0201
Phone: 785-532-1247
Fax: 785-532-7059
e-mail: lboyle@ksu.edu