Nutrition Labeling Assistance

Nutrition Analysis and Nutrition Facts Label

We provide nutritional analysis of your product formulation (strictly confidential) and provide a camera ready nutrition facts label for your product. There is no charge to Kansas meat and poultry processors for this service.

We perform nutrition analysis on your product formulation using the latest version of Genesis R&D nutrition labeling software by Esha Research. This nutrition database is an FDA approved database. In order to perform an accurate nutritional analysis on your product(s), the following information is required:

1. Product formulation: include all ingredients using accurate weights (i.e. grams, pounds, ounces, etc.) or percentages

2. Phone numbers of ingredient suppliers if seasoning unit mix is used in formulation, along with unit order code number (i.e. pork sausage seasoning unit)

3. Green weight

4. If marinated or pumped, provide green weight and pick-up weight (average of several batches)

5. If thermally processed, provide cook loss (average of several batches)

6. Cooler shrink, if applicable

7. Link or patty weight, if applicable, and number of links or patties per container

8. Package size(s) (i.e. 1 oz, 1 lb package, etc)

Please provide the name of a contact person, company name and address, phone number and FAX number (if available). Your product formulation information is kept CONFIDENTIAL.

Mail, Fax or E-mail to:

Liz Boyle
Kansas State University
Department of Animal Sciences and Industry
249 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-0201
Phone: 785-532-1247
Fax: 785-532-7059

Lab Analyses

A composite laboratory analysis for fat, moisture and protein is not a requirement, but can be done if desired to confirm that the computer analysis is an accurate representation of the product. Click here to view Chemical laboratory analysis sample collection and mailing procedures , and associated fees .