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Animal Sciences and Industry

Food Chemistry/Toxicology Labs

Call Hall 230
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The food chemistry laboratories in the Animal Sciences and Industry Department are equipped with three gas chromatographs (GCs) with FID detectors and a high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) containing a computerized data system interfaced with a UV/Visible diode array detector and a fluorimeter. The labs are equipped with two mass spectrometers both having GC capability and one currently fitted with a LC/electrospray interface and a Hewlett-Packard mini computer. The wet laboratory contains a wide array of state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation. Equipment available includes a supercritical fluid (CO2) extractor, UV/Visible spectrophotometer, distilling apparatus, and solid-phase extraction units. Other equipment required for isolation and characterization are available including a rotary evaporator, balances, pH meters, grinders, refrigerators, evaporators, centrifuges, and a low-pressure column chromatography system. In addition one lab is certified for use of carcinogens and is set up to run in vitro toxicity testing using brine shrimp assays and the Microtox™ bioluminescence assay system.

Faculty & Staff

Unit Coordinator(s)

Smith-J-Scott.jpgJ. Scott Smith
Chair, Food Science Graduate Program
208 Call Hall
Specialization: Food Chemistry & Toxicology