Farm Shop

2900 College Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66506
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As with any farming operation, the Departments soon realized they needed a shop where repairs to equipment could be made quickly and efficiently. In the formative years this would have been primarily repairs to harness and to horse drawn equipment.

When tractors become the source of power, those things needed for repairs changed. Mechanics who could repair engines, adjust timing for smoother performance, change oil, properly lubricate, do various kinds of welding and the many other jobs which kept machinery operating were very much in demand. Departments maintained their own farm shops to supply this need.

Today's farm shop is expected to keep vehicles running, do repairs by various kinds of welding, sharpen tools and all the other taks needed to keep farming operations at a high level of efficiency.

The ASI farm shop is located at 2900 College Avenue. It is staffed by an efficient and dedicated crew who are an important cog in the operations of the department.

Contact Information

Unit Coordinator(s)

Bob Heptig
Farm Manager

Management Staff

Nathan Plummer
Agricultural Technician II - Farm Shop
Manhattan, KS 66506