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Animal Sciences and Industry

Facilities - Alphabetical Listing

Beef Cattle Research Center (BCRC)
Beef Stocker Unit
Call Hall
Call Hall Dairy Bar
Cow-Calf Unit
Dairy Plant
Dairy Teaching and Research Center
Farm Shop
Food Chemistry/Toxicology Labs
Food Micro Lab
Food Safety and Security Laboratory
Growth Lab
Heritage Room
Horse Unit
KABSU (Kansas Artificial Breeding Service Unit)
KSU Meat Lab
Meat Color
Meat Cookery/Sensory
Meat Microbiology
Muscle Biology/ Meat Chemistry Lab
Molecular Biology Lab
Physiology/Endocrinology Lab
Poultry Unit
Pre-Harvest Safety Micro Lab
Purebred Beef Unit
Ruminant Nutrition Lab
Schmidt Lab
Sheep & Meat Goat Center
Swine Early Wean Building
Swine Lab
Swine Unit
Tissue Culture Lab
Value-Added/Product Development Lab
Weber Arena
Weber Hall