Heritage Room

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Dr. Don Good, former head of the Department, had long dreamed of an area or room where some of the art work in the possession of the Department might be displayed. As most of the material focused on some area of historical significance to the Department dealing with our heritage, Dr. Good suggested the room where it was displayed should be called "The Heritage Room."

When Weber Hall was renovated in 1986, the area known as the Student Lounge and Library was moved from the second floor to a more spacious area beneath the area. It seemed natural to those planning for a "Heritage Room" that the vacated student lounge would be an excellent location for displaying the art work.

Today, nearly 50 pieces of beauty and historic nature can be found in the Heritage Room. these works include oil paintings, old photographs, bronze sculptures and other items of interest. A brief description of each piece is mounted next to the work.

The room can be reserved for meetings of groups as large as 50 people. If you would like to reserve the room for committee meetings or just to observe the art work, arrangements can be made by contacting the department.