Meat Cookery/Sensory

Weber Hall 107
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The Meat Cookery and Sensory Evaluation is located in 107 Weber Hall. Research includes sensory evaluation of beef, goat, lamb, pork and process meat products. In addition, tenderness testing is performed using Warner-Bratzler Shear evaluation, Lee-Kramer Shear evaluation and a variety of other testing performed on an INSTRON Universal Testing Machine. Other tests preformed include: Slice Shear Force (SSF) and Percent Juice Press (PJP).

Cooperative research is performed with other universities, K-State Veterinary Medicine and outside companies.

Contact Information

Faculty & Staff

Travis O'Quinn

Travis O'Quinn
Associate Professor - Meat Extension Specialist
247 Weber Hall
Specialization: Fresh Meat Quality and Palatability

Management Staff

Sally Stroda
Research Assistant - Meat Sensory Lab
107 Weber Hall
Specialization: Meat Cookery and Sensory Evaluation