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The Kansas State University Cow-Calf Unit strives to empower excellence in undergraduate and graduate student professional development, to provide relevant, multi-disciplinary research to Kansas beef producers and rangeland managers, and to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us.

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Integrity: Displaying the characteristics of humility, honesty, trust, credibility, responsibility, commitment, stewardship and accountability.
Communication: Exhibiting excellence in listening, speaking, writing, and working together. Work to move ideas into solutions. Look for new ways to unify efforts.
Scholarship: Striving for excellence in the discovery, integration, dissemination and application of knowledge.
Leadership: Leading with passion, be bold, think beyond the status quo, clearly displaying vision, teamwork, customer-focused service, and innovation. Deliver more than is expected, serve as an example to others.
Inclusion: Showing respect and appreciation for all clientele, co-workers and others with whom we interact. Seek to help those around you improve, and help them find success.


Cow-Calf FeedingThe Kansas State University Cow-Calf Unit herd consists of approximately 325 commercial cows, 130 heifers, and 15 breeding bulls. Our nutrition program is based on native tallgrass forage; we work each year for an 11- to 12-month grazing season. We currently operate on approximately 2,000 deeded acres and 3,000 rented acres of native tallgrass range where we conduct multidisciplinary research projects.


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  • Invasive weed management strategies
  • Timing of prescribed burning effects on rangelands and livestock performance
  • Nutritional management of cattle grazing native tallgrass range
    Production cycle management including calving, breeding, and weaning
  • Effects of calfhood nutritional and health management on carcass quality and value
  • Factors influencing grazing distribution


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Dr. K C Olson

Jack Lemmon
Ranch Manager, Research Assistant
Cow-Calf Unit

Ethan Sylvester 
Assistant Ranch Manager, Research Assistant
Cow-Calf Unit