Food Chemistry

The Food Chemistry labs are located in Call Hall. One is designated as an instrument laboratory, and the other as wet laboratory used for sample preparation and analytical studies. These facilities are used to determine the chemical and physical properties of food.

The Instrumental Food Chemistry Laboratory is equipped with two gas chromatographs (GCs) with FID detectors, a headspace analyzer, and a GC-mass spectrometer detector. There are three high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems interfaced with a UV/Visible diode array detectors and fluorimeters. The lab is equipped with a Thermo Scientific TSQ Triple Quadrupole LC-MS Systems that is interfaced with an HPLC diode array system. A temperature-controlled X-band electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer is available to study free radical mechanism, and structural characterization of food materials. We are also in the process of procuring a particle size analyzer (0.3 nm – 10 µm) capable of molecular weight and zeta-potential measurements.

The wet laboratory contains a wide array of state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation. Equipment available includes, several UV/Visible spectrophotometers, distilling apparatus, and solid-phase extraction units. A pharmaceutical grade two-stage valve homogenizer is available for preparing emulsions and nano-particles. Equipment required for isolation and characterization are available including a rotary evaporator, balances, pH meters, grinders, refrigerators, evaporators, centrifuges, and a low-pressure column chromatography system. Other equipment is also available for various analytical chemistry work and proximate analyses.

Some of the chemical and physical testing capabilities include:

  • Brix
  • Color
  • Electrophoresis
  • Emulsions, foams and other surface properties
  • Gel properties
  • Total acidity and pH
  • Protein solubility
  • Rheology-viscosity (steady shear and dynamic measurements)
  • Texture
  • Water activity

Contact Information

Unit Coordinator(s)


J. Scott Smith
Chair, Food Science Graduate Program
208 Call Hall
Specialization: Food Chemistry & Toxicology


Dr. Umut Yucel
Assistant Professor
Animal Sciences & Industry
207 Call Hall