Swine Teaching and Research Center

swine unit

The Swine Teaching and Research Center is maintained and operated by the Department of Animal Sciences & Industry. It provides a facility for teaching and research that is typical of facilities currently used in the swine industry in the U.S.

The swine unit can be reached by turning north off Marlatt Avenue or turning east off College Avenue. The Unit maintains approximately 160 brood sows which are all crossbred composites. Females are bred artificially and no herd boars are used in the breeding program. Offspring are marketed as slaughter hogs after being finished in research projects.

Structures at the unit included a breeding barn, gestation and development barn, a farrowing barn with 29 crates, nurseries, and finishing facilities. Visits can be arranged by contacting Mark Nelson, Swine Herdsman.

Swine Unit
3101 College Avenue

Manhattan, KS 66506

Contact Information

Mark Nelson
Research Assistant - Swine Unit Farm Manager

Jason Woodworth
Research Associate Professor