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Breakfast and hot lunch is back at the Call Hall Dairy Bar during the school year. Breakfast will be served from 9 am to 10:30 am Monday thru Friday. The Dairy Bar will be serving burgers from 11 am - 2 pm Monday thru Friday as well. During the summer and breaks lunch will be available from 11 am to 2 pm.

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Call Hall Dairy Bar

Call HallThe Call Hall Dairy Bar is located at 1530 North Mid-Campus Drive, Manhattan KS 66506. It is connected to Call Hall, on the northwest corner, adjacent to the Call hall Dairy Plant (located on the north side of Call Hall). Business Phone is 785-532-1292. Both Call Hall operations combined, employ 1 full time staff and up to 25 student employees.

Dairy Bar

In addition to ice cream, the Call Hall Dairy Bar offers ½ and full gallon milk, in skim, 2%, whole and chocolate varieties. Cheeses, such as cheddar (white and yellow, mild, medium, sharp, extra sharp and 5-year reserve), monterey jack, fajita jack, pepper jack, Colby and cheese spreads (plain, hickory bacon, salsa, jalapeno and horseradish), as available. Also available, are eggs from the KSU Poultry unit (free range access with hormone and antibiotic free diets), and select quality cuts of lamb, beef, pork and poultry from the KSU quality meat labs. As available seasonally, are items such as smoked hams and turkeys, as well as processed meat products.

All of the Dairy Products offered at our Call Hall locations, follow a “farm to spoon” principle. From the genetics and breeding programs of our herd, to the nutrition and development, and finally the production and processing of raw milk, all aspects from start to finish, happen within a 2 mile radius of our retail locations. Not only is this program a gem in our crown, but happens on a scale rarely heard of when considering a “farm to fork” concept.


Dairy, Egg, and Meat Products

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Additional information about the Dairy Processing Plant

  • Fluid Milk - whole milk, 2% milk, skim milk, and chocolate milk.
  • Ice Cream - over 48 flavors
  • Cheese - Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, and Processed cheese (plain, bacon, & jalapeno)
  • Select Meats - beef, pork, and lamb (smoked turkey, smoked hams, summer sausage, wildkat loaf, barbeque beef and pork). For additional information about the meat products, please click here.
  • Eggs
  • Soda


Dairy Bar Food Menus

Breakfast Menu


Cold Sandwiches (made to order)

  • Meat- Ham, Turkey, Club, as well as Chicken Salad
  • Cheese- Provolone, Pepper Jack, Swiss or Cheddar
  • Bread- White or Wheat Bread

Ice Cream Ingredient List


Apple Dapple
Black Cherry
Blueberry Cheesecake
Butter Brickle
Butter Pecan
Candy Crunch
Chocolate Cheesecake
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Chip Mint
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Espresso
Chocolate Toffee
Cookies and Cream
Cookies and Mint
Espresso Ecstacy
French Vanilla
Irish Cream
Konza Caramel
Leaping Lemon (seasonal)
Mint Fudge Swirl
Peach (seasonal)
Peanut Butter Cup
Peppermint (seasonal)
Pumpkin (seasonal)
Purple Pride
Strawberry Cheesecake
Sugar Cookie Crumble
Swiss Chocolate Almond
Swiss Chocolate Mint
Vanilla Crunch

* Daily, we offer 16 different flavors of ice cream in our dipping cabinets that are also available for custom hand-packed servings, including pint, quart or 1.5 quart portions, in addition to a variety of pre-packaged 1.5 quart squrounds (square rounds). These flavors are available to us on a constantly changing basis, and are determined by our production plant facility.

Milling Science Club Flour & Mixes

3 sizes of flour in white unbleached and whole wheat:
  • 3 pound bag is $3
  • 25 pound bag is $12
  • 50 pound bag is $20
Pancake Mix (3 pound) $4
Beer Bread Mix (1 Mix) $3
Oatmeal Cookie Mix $4

Call Hall Dairy Bar
144 Call Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-532-1292

Dairy Bar Hours (during school year)
9 am to 6 pm - Monday
thru Friday
10 am to 5 pm - Saturday  

Dairy Bar Hours (summer/breaks)
11am  to 6 pm - Monday
thru Friday
Lunch available 11-2 pm
10 am to 5 pm - Saturday