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Animal Sciences and Industry

Ruminant Nutrition Lab

117 Call Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-5681 fax


The Ruminant Nutrition Laboratory is located in Call Hall and includes a complex of two large labs, nine smaller labs, and an animal room. Approximately 8 faculty use the lab for research and teaching purposes.

The laboratory is equipped to run a variety of analysis using HPLC and GC, including long chain fatty acids and amino acids. Other available equipment includes a bomb calorimeter, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, AutoAnalyzer III, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Buchi kjeldahl unit, Ankom System for fiber analyses, freeze drier, high speed centrifuges, microscope with camera, walk-in incubator, walk-in cold room, ashing and drying ovens, anaerobic glove box, and a continuous culture fermenter system.

The animal room is equipped with six animal crates for metabolism work with steers and seven tie-stall facilities for cattle. This area also has a feed room and a sample grinding facility which includes a Wiley mill, hammer mill, and dust collection system.

Faculty & Staff

Unit Coordinator(s)

Titgemeyer-Evan.jpgEvan Titgemeyer
Professor/Coordinator of Research and ASI Graduate Program Director
132 Call Hall
Specialization: Amino acid utilization
Ruminant Nutrition

Management Staff

Haixia LiuHaixia Liu
Research Instructor - Nutrition Lab
117 Call Hall