Ruminant Nutrition Lab

117 Call Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


The Ruminant Nutrition Laboratory is located in Call Hall and includes a complex of two large labs and nine smaller labs. Approximately 8 faculty use the lab for research and teaching purposes.UPLC

The laboratory is equipped to run a variety of analyses using HPLC and GC, including long chain fatty acids and amino acids. Other available equipment includes a bomb calorimeter, plate reader, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, Ankom System for fiber analyses, centrifuges, microscope with camera, ashing and drying ovens, chemical fume hoods, and sample milling equipment (Wiley mill and hammer mill).

plate reader

Contact Information

Unit Coordinator(s)


Evan Titgemeyer
Professor/Research Coordinator
132 Call Hall
Specialization: Amino acid utilization
Ruminant Nutrition

Lab Manager

Reshma Moolakkal Antony
117 Call Hall