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Animal Sciences and Industry

Jaeger, John

Jaeger, JohnProfessor/Beef Cattle Scientist
785-623-4369 fax

Area of Specialization

Beef Cattle Scientist


B.S. , Oregon State University, 1984
M.S. , Oregon State University, 1986
Ph.D. , Oregon State University, 2005

Bio Brief

John Jaeger began working at K-State Research and Extension's Agricultural Research Center in Hays on January 1, 2006. He had previously worked at the center from 1986-1994 as a research assistant and cow-calf herdsman.

Jaeger earned bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from Oregon State University. His expertise is in reproductive physiology.

From 1994 to 2000, he worked as a research assistant and ranch manager at OSU's Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center in Union, OR.

He is particularly interested in cow-calf production systems that will result in value-added beef carcasses. Early weaning of calves may be a low-cost sustainable system that will reduce cow maintenance costs as well as improving cow performance and carcass quality of offspring.