Faculty & Instructors Directory

Below is a list of K-State ASI faculty and instructors in alphabetical order.

Beyer, Scott, Associate Professor/Extension Specialist - Monogastric Nutrition/Poultry

Blasi, Dale, Professor/Extension Specialist - Ruminant Nutrition/Beef

Boyle, Liz, Professor/Extension Specialist - Meat Science

Brouk, Mike, Professor/Extension Specialist - Ruminant Nutrition, Dairy

Brown, Billy, Assistant Professor - Dairy Cattle Nutritional Physiology

Carson, Tim, Instructor - Department IT

Chao, Michael, Associate Professor - Meat Science

Crabtree, Celsey, Instructor and Horse Judging Team Coach

Dahmer, Payton, Instructor and Livestock Judging Team Coach - Teaching

Day, Mike, Department Head

DeRouchey, Joel, Professor and State Extension Leader - Monogastric Nutrition/Swine

Dias, Nicholas Wege, Assistant Professor - Physiology/Beef

Douthit, Teresa, Professor - Monogastric Nutrition/Equine

Drouillard, Jim, Professor - Ruminant Nutrition/Beef

Farney, Jaymelynn, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist - Ruminant Nutrition/Beef

Fike, Karol, Teaching Professor - Physiology

Gaffield, Katelyn, Assistant Research Professor - Swine Nutrition

Getty, Kelly, Associate Professor - Food Science

Goodband, Bob, University Distinguished Professor and Extension Specialist - Monogastric Nutrition/Swine

Gomez Leon, Victor, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist - Dairy

Grieger, David, Professor - Physiology/Beef

Hulbert, Lindsey, Associate Professor/Animal Behavior - Physiology

Johnson, Sandy, Professor and Extension Specialist - Physiology/Beef

Jones, Cassie, Professor and ASI Teaching Coordinator - Monogastric Nutrition

Kouba, Joann, Associate Professor - Physiology/Equine

Mueller, Maci, Assistant Professor - Breeding & Genetics

Mullinix, Chris , Advanced Instructor and Livestock Judging Team Coach - Teaching

Nutsch, Abbey, Teaching Associate Professor and FDSCI Teaching Coordinator - Food Science

Olson, K C, Professor - Ruminant Nutrition/Beef

O'Quinn, Travis, Associate Professor - Meat Science

Phebus, Randy, Professor - Food Science

Retzlaff, Deanna, Teaching Associate Professor - Food Science

Rolf, Megan, Associate Professor - Breeding & Genetics

Rozell, Tim, Professor - Physiology/Beef/Dairy/Sheep

Smith, Scott, Professor and FDSCI Graduate Program chair - Food Science

Tarpoff, A.J., Associate Professor and Beef Extension Veterinarian

Thompson, Logan, Assistant Professor - Sustainable Grazing Systems

Titgemeyer, Evan, Professor and ASI Graduate Program Director - Ruminant Nutrition/Beef

Tokach, Mike, University Distinguished Professor and Research Coordinator - Monogastric Nutrition/Swine

Trinetta, Valentina, Associate Professor - Food Science

Vipham, Jessie, Associate Professor - Meat Science

Waggoner, Justin, Professor and Beef Systems Specialist - Ruminant Nutrition/Beef

Warner, Jason, Assistant Professor and Extension Cow-Calf Specialist

Winn, Casy, Instructor/Rodeo Coach - Teaching

Woodworth, Jason, Research Professor - Monogastric Nutrition/Swine

Yucel, Umut , Associate Professor - Food Science

Zumbaugh, Morgan, Assistant Professor - Muscle Biology/Meat Science