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Animal Sciences and Industry

Jones, Cassandra


Huss, A.R., R.A. Cochrane, A. Deliephan, C.R. Stark, C.K. Jones.  2015. Evaluation of biological pathogen decontamination protocol for animal feed mills. Journal of Food Protection, 78(9):1682-1688.

Yoder, A.D., R.S. Beyer, and C.K. Jones. 2015. The relative value of sorghum to corn in broiler chick starter diets improves during drought conditions. Journal of Applied Poultry Science, 24:177-185.

Pilcher, C.M., C.K. Jones, M. Schroyen, A.J. Severin, J.F. Patience, C.K. Tuggle, and J.E. Koltes. 2015. Transcript profiles in longissimus dorsi muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue: A comparison of pigs with different post-weaning growth rates. Journal of Animal Science, 93:2134-2143.

Jones, C.K., E.L. Frantz, A. Bingham, J.R. Bergstrom, J.M. DeRouchey, and J.F. Patience. 2015. Effects of drought-affected corn and non-starch polysaccharide enzyme inclusion on nursery pig growth performance. Journal of Animal Science, 93:1703-1709.

Lewis, L.L., C.R. Stark, A.C. Fahrenholz, M.A.D. Goncalves, J.M. DeRouchey, and C.K. Jones. 2015. Effects of pelleting conditioner retention time on nursery pig growth performance. Journal of Animal Science, 93:1098-1102.

Lewis, L.L., C.R. Stark, A.C. Fahrenholz, J.R. Bergstrom, and C.K. Jones. 2015. Evaluation of conditioning time and temperature on gelatinized starch and vitamin retention in a pelleted swine diet. Journal of Animal Science, 93:615-619.

Jones, C.K., M.D. Tokach, J.L. Usry, C.R. Neill, J.F. Patience.  2014. Evaluating lysine requirements of nursery pigs fed low protein diets with different sources of non-essential amino acids. Journal of Animal Science, 92:3460-3470.

Jones, C.K., D.M. Madson, R.G. Main, N.K. Gabler, J.F. Patience.  2014. Poor weaning transition ADG is not correlated with pathological or immunological markers of enteric disease during a PRRSV outbreak. Journal of Animal Science, 92:2568-2577.

Jones, C.K., and J.F. Patience.  2014. Variation in nutrient digestibility and energy intake are key contributors to differences in post-weaning growth performance. Journal of Animal Science, 92:2105-2115.


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