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Animal Sciences and Industry

Trinetta, Valentina

Trinetta, ValentinaAssistant Professor
222 Call Hall

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Food Microbiology and Safety Laboratory Website

Area(s) of Research

  • Food Safety and Food Microbiology of Produce and Meat products
  • Active and Green Packaging
  • Non-Thermal processing technologies for long-term sustainability in the food system
  • Persistency and Mechanism of action of pathogens in the Food supply chain


B.S. Food Biotechnology, University of Pisa, Italy, 2005
M.S. Genetics Biotechnology for Food Quality and Safety, University of Naples, Italy, 2006
Ph.D. Food Science and Technology, University of Milan, Italy, 2009

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Food Microbiology Lecture (FDSCI 600)
  • Food Microbiology Lab (FDSCI 601)
  • Food Fermentation (FDSCI 810)

Bio Brief

With an emphasis in Food Safety and Microbiology, Dr. Trinetta's research focuses on the development and implementation of antimicrobial intervention technology in efforts to reduce and control foodborne pathogens on different commodities. Dr. Trinetta also focuses on the identification of the point of contamination through the food supply chain (from farm to fork). In the lab interventions such as Chlorine Dioxide, UV treatment, cold plasma, as well as technologies including active packaging systems and nanotechnology for antimicrobial encapsulation are explored. The main microorganisms worked with in Dr. Trinetta's lab include Salmonella monovariant, Listeria, and STEC E. coli as they are of great concern in the animal and human food processing industry.

Dr. Valentina Trinetta obtained her B.S. in Food Biotechnology (2005) from the University of Pisa, Italy, her M.S. in Genetics Biotechnology for Food Quality and Safety (2006) from the University of Naples, Italy, and she received her Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology (2009) from the University of Milan, Italy, with an emphasis on active packaging and food safety. After 4 years of working at the Research and Development Center of ECOLAB, Dr. Trinetta returned to Academia to bring a unique teaching and research style at Kansas State University. Courses taught by Dr. Trinetta include Food Microbiology (FDSCI 600/601), lecture and laboratory, and Food Fermentation (FDSCI 801).