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Bull and Heifer Development Center/Insentec facility


Located adjacent to the existing Beef Cattle Research Center north of Marlatt Avenue. This location includes covered feed bunks and an automated individual animal feed and water intake monitoring system situated in a dry lot condition. The facility includes animal holding pens and a processing area. The Insentec technology enables collection of individual feed and water intake records on all classes of cattle — cows, calves and yearlings —which adds to the unit’s capabilities of genetic selection and research. All bulls and heifers go through the test allowing the unit to make better breeding decisions in the areas of genetic improvement, nutrition and management of beef cattle for a range of economically important traits and serve as a demonstration facility highlighting the best management practices in beef production.

Purebred Beef Unit
PBU headquarters
2200 Denison
Manhattan, KS 66506

The K-State Purebred Beef Unit (PBU) annually runs nearly 300 breeding-age purebred Angus, Hereford, and Simmental cows on 4,000 acres of native bluestem grass. Our mission is to provide undergraduate students with practical experience in breeding, feeding, management and marketing of purebred seedstock as well as give livestock selection and general animal science courses the opportunity to evaluate quality cattle.

The Headquarters and Calving Center is located near the Stanley Stout Center off of Denison Avenue. The animals there will primarily be managed in pasture conditions. This location includes the calving and maternity barn, multipurpose space, office spaces and an apartment for student workers. Animal holding pens, pasture space, processing, feed storage and shop are adjacent to this facility. The Bull and Heifer Development Center is primarily a dry lot condition and is located adjacent to the existing Beef Cattle Research Center north of Marlatt Avenue.

Genetics Lab


Weber 201



Kansas State University has a high performance computing cluster (HPCC) called Beocat. Having access to Beocat resources allows us to do a variety of genomics analyses, even those which require large amounts of memory.

KSU ASI Beef Genetics Team

Megan Rolf

Jennifer Bormann

Bob Weaber