Cattlemen's Day Posters

2023 Cattlemen's Day Posters

Acute Anaplasmosis Reduces Breeding Soundness in Experimentally Infected Beef Bulls
Anne Lovett

Anogenital Distance as a Potential Phenotype to Select Donors for in Vitro Embryo Production
Alicia Bohren

Antimicrobial Activities of Bacterial Probiotic Cultures Against Liver Abscess Causing Pathogens in Beef Cattle
Harith Salih

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Changes in E. Coli from Calves Treated with Chlortetracycline for Anaplasmosis Control
Naemi Bickmeier

Assessment of Novel Semen Evaluation Technologies Between Two Breeds of Yearling Beef Bulls
Ashley Hartman

Characterization of the Number of Visits Required for Quantification of Gas Fluxes and Metabolic Heat Production using a GreenFeed
Elizabeth A. Dressler

Comparing Case Fatality Metrics Associated with First Treatment of Bovine Respiratory Disease
Kyndall Neal

Comprehensive Assessment of Feedlot Health Interventions Using Outcomes Research in a Sustainability Context
Taylor McAtee

Cross-sectional Study of Kansas Beef Bulls to Model Association Between Chronic Bovine Anaplasmosis and Breeding Soundness
Anne Lovett

Cross-sectional Study of Kansas Beef Herds to Investigate Prevalence of Anaplasma Marginale Infection, and Association with Host Factors, Preganancy Status, and Bovine Leukemia Virus Status
Naemi Bickmeier

Effects of Almond Hull Inclusion and Processing on Growth Performance of Limit-fed Beef Calves
Zach Duncan

Effects of Biuret and Lasalocid (Bovatec) Inclusion Into a Commercial Mineral Supplement on Growth Performance of Yearling Calves Grazing in the Kansas Flint Hills
Madison Pflughoeft

Effects of Late Summer Prescribed Fire on Botanical Composition, Soil Cover, and Forage Production in Caucasian Bluestem-Infested Rangeland in the Kansas Smoky Hills: Year 4/5
Helen Giefer

Effects of Limit Feeding and Shade on Growing Calf Performance, Water Usage, and Animal Comfort
Zach DeBord

Effects of Prescribed-fire Timing on Yearling-cattle Grazing Performance and Forage Biomass Accumulation in the Kansas Flint Hills
Zach Duncan

Effects of Supplemental Methionine or Choline on Health and Growth Performance in High-Risk Receiving Beef Heifers
Madeline Grant

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Postbiotic Product to Reduce Salmonella Prevalence in the Subiliac Lymph Nodes of Cull Dairy Cattle
Stephen Edache

Exploration of Hydration Status and Outcome in Feedlot Calves Examined for Treatment
Lilli Heinen

Fusobacterium Varium and Its Potential Implication in the Formation of Liver Abscesses in Feedlot Cattle
Alyssa McCormick

Incidence of Liver Abscess in Feedlot Mortalities During the Feeding Period and Association with Co-morbidity
Rachel Brown

Sire Distribution of Calves in a Herd With Use of Fixed Time Artificial Insemination Followed by Immediate Bull Exposure for Natural Service
Ashley Hartman

Systematic Assessment of Percent Lung Involvement and Gross Pulmonary Lesions in Feedlot Mortalities
Makenna Jensen

The Economic Impact and Factors Influencing the Comparison of Three Metaphylactic Options to Control Bovine Respiratory Disease in Feedlot Cattle
Dannell Kopp

2022 Cattlemen's Day Posters

An Investigation of the Relationship between Muscle Fiber Cross-sectional Area and Beef Tenderness
Dr. Michael D. Chao

Challenges Associated with Semen Quality While Collecting Beef Bulls for Semen Freezing
Ashley Hartman

2021 Cattlemen's Day Posters

Effects of Late Summer Prescribed Fire on Botanical Composition, Soil Cover, and Forage Production in Caucasian Bluestem-Infested Rangeland in the Kansas Smoky Hills: Year 2 of 4
Micke Ramirez

Limit Feeding Study
Morgan Scilacci

Yearling Cattle Grazing Pastures Burned During Summer Perform Similarly to Cattle Grazing Pastures Burned in Early Spring: Year 2 of 6
Zach Duncan Poster 1

Effects of Prescribed Fire Timing on Native Plant Composition, Forage Biomass Accumulation, and Root Carbohydrate Reserves in the Kansas Flint Hills: Year 2 of 6
Zach Duncan Poster 2

Assessment of Pain Associated with Respiratory Disease and its Mitigation with Flunixin Meglumine in Cattle with Induced Bacterial Pneumonia
Miriam Martin