Trace minerals

Microminerals or trace minerals need to be supplied in smaller amounts in swine diets, with the requirements for and dietary concentrations of trace minerals generally expressed as parts per million (ppm or mg/kg) or milligrams per pound (mg/lb) of diet. Because of the smaller amounts, trace minerals are often added in the diets in the form of a trace mineral premix. Zinc, copper, iron, manganese, iodine, and selenium are the typical trace minerals included in a trace mineral premix for swine. Iron is also provided via injectable iron in young piglets.

Fact Sheet: Mineral Sources for Swine Diets

Mineral sources for swine diets

KSU Trace Mineral Premix

A suggested trace mineral premix is available at KSU Premix & Diet Recommendations. This single premix can be used in diets for all stages of production by adjusting the inclusion rate for sow, nursery, grower, and finisher diets.

A sow add pack is also available for sow diets to supply the specific vitamins to enhance reproduction.

Trace minerals can be combined with vitamins in a VTM premix, but it is recommended to have separate premixes because trace minerals can affect the vitamin stability. Otherwise, VTM premix age must be monitored to ensure it is used before excess vitamin loss.