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Animal Sciences and Industry

Animal Sciences and Industry

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Trace Mineral Supplementation

Copper, iron, iodine, manganese, selenium and zinc are typically supplemented in grow finish diets through a premix to meet the dietary requirements as some trace minerals have low bioavailability in feed ingredients. However, some trace minerals are included above the pig’s requirement at growth promoting levels. High levels of copper (up to 250 ppm) can be supplemented to promote growth of finishing pigs. This effect seems to be greater in younger pigs compared to older pigs (Davis et al., 2002; Carpenter et al., 2017; Coble et al., 2017). Furthermore, in periods where high levels of protein deposition are observed, such as when ractopamine is included in diets, data has shown that the zinc requirement is increased (Paulk et al. 2015). Therefore, increased levels of supplemental zinc (up to 100 ppm) can be supplemented to support the increased protein deposition. When using increased levels of copper or zinc, care must be exercised so as not to lead to toxicity. Environmental factors should also be considered