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Animal Sciences and Industry

Animal Sciences and Industry

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Sow Nutrition

A optimal female swine reproductive program begins with a gilt development program that focuses on bodyweight targets and nutritional program recommendations from weaning to first breeding. Once pregnant, a successful gestating sow and developing fetus program can be achieved by optimizing energy, amino acid, and vitamin and minerals.  The transition period between the end of gestation housing to parturition in a farrowing room is a short time period, but the method of how a sow is fed in this time frame can affect lactation feed intake, colostrum synthesis, sow weight loss, and litter performance. Post-farrowing, maximizing feed intake and adequate dietary amino acids will prevent sow body reserve mobilization and sustain milk production for litter growth is critical. Finally, transitioning into the wean-to-estrus interval to begin to restore body reserves lost in lactation is important, then adjust to gestation feed allowances based on body condition.

Fact Sheets

Find all the Sow Nutrition guide fact sheets for download here.