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Animal Sciences and Industry

State Livestock Nomination Information


Market Beef – May 1

Small Livestock – June 15


All Important Show & Nomination Dates

Nominated Livestock Reports

Family/Household Names and KSU Nomination Numbers 

Click on the link above to find your Family/Household name and KSU Nomination #. If this is your first year nominating, leave this field blank. You will be assigned a KSU Nomination # once your nomination paperwork is received.

2021 Important Information

2021 Nomination Updates

Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Checklist - requirements for each specie

Youth Livestock Show Nomination and Entry Deadlines - Table

Rookie Guide (updated 2021)

YQCA Requirement Information

YQCA Certificate Printing Instructions

Facebook Live Session Videos


2021 Forms

Declaration Form (*attach YQCA or Youth PQA+ certificates to this form)

Market Beef Nomination Form

Commercial Heifer Nomination Form

Market Lamb/Commercial Ewe Nomination Form

Meat Goat Nomination Form

Market Swine/Commercial Gilt Nomination Form

"Extra" Nomination Forms

These forms are only to be used in addition to the appropriate specie nomination form listed above to nominate more animals than will fit on the regular nomination form (4 for swine; 5 for sheep or meat goats). The regular specie forms above include contact information for the nominating family, as well as signature lines for all parties. "Extra" forms will not be accepted if they are submitted alone.

EXTRA Market Lamb/Commercial Ewe Nomination Form

EXTRA Market Swine/Commercial Gilt Nomination Form

EXTRA Meat Goat Nomination Form




***For examples of completed forms, please refer to the Rookie Guide.

REMEMBER! Registered BREEDING animals do not need to be nominated and do not need an EID tag for state shows (except KJLS gilts).  It is only required if needed for county show management. However, ALL meat goats, including does, must be tagged with an EID tag and officially nominated.


Send all forms to:

Kansas State University
c/o State 4-H/FFA Shows
ATTN:  Lexie Hayes
214 Weber Hall
1424 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506-0202


 Tag Change Policy

When an animal loses a tag, the Extension Agent must submit a tag change form to the Youth Livestock Program in to verify the change. Please include the family name, specie, original tag number, new tag number and the EID barcode sticker, the date you tagged the animal, and verification sentence that this is the same animal that was nominated by the specified deadline. Please use the form below. 

Tag Change Form


Ear Notch & Scrapie Educational Resources

Purdue Extension:  Reference Guide - Introduction to Ear Notching

Nebraska Extension:  UNL Ear Notching Information

Ear Notch Chart

Scrapie Tag Resource


Where do I get EID ear tags?

Exhibitors: Kansas 4-H EID ear tags are required for all nominated (market and commercial) animals showing at the Kansas State Fair and Kansas Junior Livestock Show. Please contact your local extension agent if you need to have an animal tagged for state nomination.

Extension Offices: You must order the EID ear tags via the forms on this website. Please contact Lexie Hayes with the KSU Youth Livestock Program, (785)532-1264. In the event you run out of EID ear tags, you can share with neighboring counties but you must let Lexie know the tag number(s) you obtained and from which county you got it from.


Where do I get DNA hair envelopes?

Exhibitors: DNA Hair Sample envelopes can be obtained from your local Extension Office. Only official DNA envelopes will be accepted. One type of envelope is available for all species. Be sure to circle the correct specie from which you pulled hair and write the ear tag number on the envelope. DO NOT CUT THE HAIR. DNA must be submitted in an official DNA envelope and must have at least one parent’s signature in addition to all exhibitors in the family. Unofficial envelopes received will be returned to the sender and a $20 fee will be charged. For more information on HOW to obtain DNA hair samples, please visit the DNA Hair Sampling Instructions link on the left.

Extension Offices: Please contact the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore for ordering DNA envelopes by calling 785-532-5830 or emailing orderpub@k-state.edu.


Incomplete Nomination Policy

Nominations that are submitted but incomplete (i.e. no YQCA certificates, missing signatures, mismatched ear tags, missing documents, lack of nomination fee, missing ear notches, missing scrapie tag #, etc.) will be entered into the database as incomplete and a letter will be returned to the nominating family explaining why the nomination is incomplete. A one-time $20.00 incomplete fee will be charged and is required in order for a nomination to be complete, in addition to the returning or correcting missing information.


Late Nomination Policy

Late nominations may be accepted as long as they are postmarked within ten (10) calendar days of the original due date, and the family has not previously submitted a late nomination. Any nomination received with a postmark after the appropriate deadline will not be accepted, for any reason. The late nominating family is placed on “probation,” meaning if they ever have a late nomination again, the nominations will not be accepted and they will be ineligible to show for that year. A letter is sent to the family explaining the process, requiring exhibitor, parent, and agent signatures, and a one-time $15 late fee. Signed letters and the late fee must be returned within 10 days of the postmark date on the letter from the Youth Livestock Program. This late policy is a courtesy and affected families are expected to fully cooperate with the Youth Livestock Program.