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Weber Arena
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The 3500 seat arena that is a part of Weber Hall was designed to serve research, teaching and extension through use as a feeding laboratory for nutrition studies, a class laboratory for animal evaluation, a site for student activities such as The Little American Royal and a Collegiate Rodeo, a place for National Breed Associations to hold meetings and a place where state breed associations could hold shows and sales. The original floor of the arena was tan-bark which worked beautifully but was to expensive to replace when it dwindled. During renovation in 1986-87, some of the animal holding stalls under the bleachers were turned into a student lounge. in 1988, Wayne and Elizabeth Rogler, Matfield Green, Kansas, donated $100,000 to the department which established a library in one end of the lounge.

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David A. Nichols
227 Weber Hall
Specialization: Beef Management
Environmental Physiology