Marc Epp, Research Assistant
Garrett Parsons, Research Assistant


Luis Felipe Barbosa Braga Feitoza, Research Assistant - Feedlot Animal Health Manager
Adrian Baker, Research Assistant - Feeds System Manager


Mark Corrigan
Wichita, Kansas
M.S. in August, 2005
Research emphasis:
Effects of synthetic progestins on immune function of cattle.

Ryan Daubert
Spearville, Kansas
M.S. in December, 2005
Research emphasis:
Utilization of ethanol byproducts in finishing cattle diets and production of free-choice range supplements from corn milling byproducts.

Brandon Depenbusch
Kingman, Kansas
M.S. in August, 2005
Research emphasis: Starch utilization in feedlot cattle and preharvest food safety.

Elissa Good
Charlotte, Michigan
M.S. in May, 2004
Research emphasis: Supplementation of Flaxseed to finishing cattle and its effects on growth performance, carcass value, sensory attributes, and fatty acid composition of beef.

Erik Loe
Pekin, North Dakota
Ph.D.. in May, 2006
Research emphasis:
Alternative lipid sources and their effects on cattle growth, carcass value, compositional changes in muscle tissue, and sensory attributes of beef products.

Sean Montgomery
Kingman, Kansas
Ph.D.. in May, 2004
Research emphasis:
Digestion and metabolism of lipid sources and subsequent effects on animal performance and carcass quality in finishing cattle.
Health of newly arrived feedlot calves and impact on subsequent growth and carcass value.

Justin Sindt
Franklin, Nebraska
Ph.D.. in May, 2004
Research emphasis:
Effects of hydrothermal processing on nutritive value of cereal grains.


Nicole Roberson
Brennan Hoopes
Kris Young
Matthew Scott
Jesse Gilpin
Jeff Halbleib
Donald Sunday
Jim Anderes
Cody Duft
Cody Schneider
Tanner Dixson
Jared Law
Daniel Sweeney
Matthew Stout
Cody Holland