Dairy Lines

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  • September/October, 2002
    Dairy Lines goes electronic! Highlights from American Dairy Science Meeting: Dairy Expansion Considerations, Cooling During the Dry Period Increases Milk Production, Two Coliforms Mastitis Vaccination Schedules, Impact of Intramammary treatment of CMT on Early Postpartum Dairy Cows, The Effects of Cutting Height, Hybrid and Stage of Maturity at Harvest on the Nutritive Value of Corn Silage of Lactating Dairy Cows
  • July/August, 2002
    Drought Management for Dairy Producers, Preliminary Incubation Counts (PIC)
  • June 2002
    Monitoring Peak Milk Production, Completeness of Milking: Are You Undermilking Your Herd?
  • May 2002
    Water trough Placement Key to Managing Summer Heat Stress
  • April 2002
    Monitor Bulls Closely to Avoid Problems in Dairy Operations, Developing and Maintaining a Proper Pre-Milking Routine
  • February 2002
    Combination of Soaking, Fans Most Effective Way to Cool Cows, Study Shows
  • January 2002
    Feeding Waste Milk to Dairy Calves, Clinical Mastitis and Conception Rates
  • December 2001
    Freestall or Drylot: Does One Offer a Competitive Edge?
  • October 2001
    Weigh Replacement Options to Reduce Financial Risks
  • September 2001
    Are Cows Housed in Six-row Barns More Prone to Heat Stress?
  • July 2001
    Current Research Topics: Effects of Presynchronization and Bovine Somatotropin (bST) on Pregnancy Rates to a Times Artificial Insemination Protocol in Lactating Dairy Cows, Prevalence of Mastitis in Dairy Heifers and Effectiveness of Antibiotic Therapy, Influence of Subclinical Mastitis During Early Lactation on Reproductive Parameters
  • June 2001
    Tips for Special Needs Facilities
  • May 2001
    Foot and Mouth Disease Facts
  • April 2001
    Managing Milk Composition: Feed Additives can Enhance Health, Growth and Milk Yields
  • March 2001
    Managing Milk Composition: Maximizing Rumen Function
  • February 2001
    Managing Milk Composition: Normal Sources of Variation
  • January 2001
    Managing Milk Composition: Evaluating Herd Health
  • November/December 2000
    Prevention, Early Detection are Keys to Controlling Mastitis
  • October 2000
    Evaluation of the California Mastitis Test for Screening, Effects of rbST on Performance of Jersey Cows in a Thermal-stress Environment, Comparison of AI Pregnancy Rates by Order of Preparation of Insemination Straws, Evaluation of Pregnancy Rates in Lactating Dairy Cows Using Systematic Breeding Protocols for First and Second Service
  • September 2000
    Economics of Cooling Cows
  • August 2000
    Bulk Tank Milk Culturing
  • July 2000
    Silage Management: Three Important Practices, Achieving Higher Silage Densities
  • June 2000
    The First 30 Days with a New Employee
  • May 2000
    Optimum Timing of Artificial Insemination
  • April 2000
    Management Strategies to Control Heat Stress
  • March 2000
    Reducing Heat Stress in Holding Pens
  • February 2000
    Designing Facilities for Increased Dry Matter Intake
  • January 2000
    Effects of bST and Evaporative Cooling Plus Shade on Lactation Performance, Vaccinating Heifers Reduced Severity of Clinical Mastitis, Biosecurity Tips for Avoiding Staph Aureus Problems
  • November/December 1999
    Sizing the Milk Parlor
  • October 1999
    Mastitis and its Control
  • September 1999
    Grouping Strategies to Maximize Milk Production, Cow Health, and Labor Efficiency
  • August 1999
    Corn Silage - Success or Disaster
  • July 1999
    Research Update from the 1999 American Dairy Science Association Meeting
  • June 1999
    Sprinkler Systems for Cooling Dairy Cows at a Feed Line
  • May 1999
    An Alternative A.I. - Breeding Program for Summer, Small Grain Silage
  • April 1999
    Glickman Announces Milk Marketing Order Reforms
  • March 1999
    Research Update: Mechanical Processing of Corn Silage: Engineering, Biological, and Economic Considerations; Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnHR) Improves Reproductive Performance of Dairy Cows with Slow Involution of the Reproductive tract; Production Response of Dairy Cows Grazing Winter Annuals
  • February 1999
    Custom-Raised Heifers?
  • January 1999
    Low-Cost Way to Pave Feedlots
  • December 1998
    What We Learned About Cooling Cows In Kansas This Summer
  • October 1998 , October Insert
    The Role of Forage in Rumen Development, Cottonseed Hulls as a Replacement for Forage in Dairy Cattle Diets
  • September 1998
    Ear Molds Found in 1998 Kansas Corn Crop, Thank You to Dick Dunham for 29 Years of Service
  • August 1998
    Research Update from the 1998 American Dairy Science Association Meeting; Effects of Feeding Soy Hulls in transition Cow Diet on Lactation and Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows; Bovine Somatotropin Does Not Compromise Reproductive Performance Holstein Cows; Cow Preference of Filler Materials in Stall Mattresses; Investigation of Brown Midrid Sorghum Silage in Diets of Lactating Dairy Cattle; Effect of Live Yeast Culture Supplementation on Dry Matter Intake and Milk Production of transition Cows
  • July 1998
    Mycoplasma Mastitis Infections
  • July 1998
    Fitting Technology to Production Level, Double Check NSC and UIP in Diets Formulated With By-Product Feedstuffs
  • May 1998
    Summer is on Its Way, Preliminary Incubation Count (PIC)
  • April 1998
    Nutritional Management to Reduce the Incidence of Displaced Abomasum, Reducing Heat Stress
  • March 1998
    Testing for Milk Urea Nitrogen, Freestall Management for Cow Comfort: Part 1, Forsbergs Named Kansas Distinguished Dairy, Production Efficiency Improves
  • February 1998
    Heifer Vaccination Programs
  • January 1998
    Planning the Feeding Program
  • December 1997
    Thaw Semen Correctly, Commodity Spotlight
  • November 1997
    Freestall Management for Cow Comfort: Part 1, Heifers’ SCC May Be Too High
  • October 1997
    Monitoring Peak Milk Production and Persistency, Using Prostaglandins to Reduce Days to First Breeding
  • September 1997
    Three Times a Day Milking (3X), Starting Fresh Cows on Feed
  • August 1997
    Pasture as a Nutrient Source for Lactating Dairy Cows, Don’t Forget the Heifers, Mother Cows Need "Mothering" During the Dry Period
  • July 1997
    Bovine Leukosis, Kansas All Breeds Dairy Show
  • June 1997
    Relative Value of Alternative Feeds
  • May 1997
    Hot Weather and Feed Intake, Summer is on Its Way
  • April 1997
    Hay Quality Will Affect Production and Profits, New Faculty Member Joins K-State
  • March 1997
    Questions and Answers About Ovsynch
  • February 1997
    Milk Quality–Using the Days in Milk SCC Averages, Do You Want to Renovate the Milking Parlor
  • January 1997
    Planning the Feeding Program, Grouping Strategies Affect Time Spent in the Parlor
  • December 1996
    The SCC Report....A Diagnostic Tool
  • November 1996
    Planning Milking Facilities for Dairy Expansion, Breed Affect on Titratable Acidity of Milk
  • October 1996
    Costs of Programmed Breeding
  • September 1996
    Water Intake and Water Quality Requirements for Dairy Cattle, Starting Fresh Cows on Feed
  • August 1996
    Cows in transition, Managing Body Condition
  • July 1996
    Why is Milk Production Depressed in the Summer?, Don’t Forget the Heifers
  • June 1996
    Double Check NSC and UIP in Diets Formulated With By-Product Feedstuffs
  • May 1996
    Hot Weather Impact on Feed Intake, Summer is Here!, Dairy Industry Conference Highlights
  • March 1996
    Using Prostaglandins to Improve Reproductive Efficiency, Monitoring Reproductive Efficiency, Dry Matter Intake, Select Hay According to Relative Feed Value
  • February 1996
    Can It Be Determined If Individual Cows Are Responding To rBST? Considering By-Products? Heifers’ SCC May Be Too High
  • January 1996
    Effect of Milk Production Level on Reproductive Performance, Managing Heat Stress, High Acidity is Not Always Bad
  • December 1995
    Managing Feed Costs, Seasonal Fluctuations in Conception, Using Prostaglandin Versus Rectal Palpation as a Reproductive Management Tool, What is tritatable Acidity?