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Animal Sciences and Industry

Staff Directory

Name Email
Ault, Sabrina Business Manager II ssault@k-state.edu
Ayres, Becky Human Capital Representative - Business Office bayres@k-state.edu
Baughman, DuaneResearch Assistant - Swine Unitdbaughman@k-state.edu
Beneda, CelseyTeaching Associatecelseyb@ksu.edu
Blakeslee, Karen Extension Associate - Rapid Response Center and Kansas Value - Added Foods Lab (KVAFL) kblakesl@k-state.edu
Buist, SterlingFarm Manager - Horse Unitsbuist@k-state.edu
Carlson, ChristinaOffice Specialist IIcmcarlso@k-state.edu
Carson, TimComputer/Systems Specialisttcarson@k-state.edu
Corrales, Eulises Antonio Animal Technician II - Dairy Unit eulises@k-state.edu
Denton, AngieCommunications & Marketing Specialistangiedenton@k-state.edu
Dieball, JaneenOffice Specialist IIjaneen1@ksu.edu
Fiehler, ChanceResearch Assistant - Feed Mill Managercfiehler@k-state.edu
Filby, JeremyAgricultural Technician II - Dairy PlantJjf4488@ksu.edu
Fiest, Robert (Bo) Animal Technician II - Dairy Unit robert4@k-state.edu
Frey, Kristine Research Assistant - Dairy Unit klfrey@k-state.edu
Goodenow, NicoleLaboratory Administrator - KABSUnicarm22@k-state.edu
Hayes, LexieExt Assistant/Youth Livestock Coordinatoradhayes@k-state.edu
Hecht, AnthonyAnimal Technician II - Dairy Unithecht138@ksu.edu
Heptig, BobFarm Managerbobheptig@k-state.edu
Hill, RachelOffice Specialist II - KABSUrmh297@ksu.edu
Hollenbeck, William Research Assistant - Stocker Unit Manager willia6@k-state.edu
Huser, KathyStudent Services Coordinator/Academic Advisor kch8399@k-state.edu
Jennings Jr., George (Frank) Animal Technician II - Swine Unit scouts@k-state.edu
Lemmon, AnnaleighLaboratory Client Services Assistant - KABSUlemmon12@k-state.edu
Lemmon, JackFarm Manager - Cow/Calf Unitlemmon08@k-state.edu
Leuthold, Angela Supply Specialist - KABSU aleuthol@k-state.edu
Marple, NicoleProject Coordinator - Food Science Institutenmarple@k-state.edu
McMurray, BarbaraAccountant I - Business Officebamcmurray15@k-state.edu
Moolakkal Antony, ReshmaResearch Scientist - Ruminant Nutrition Labreshmamantony@k-state.edu
Nelson, Mark Research Assistant - Swine Unit Manager mnelson@k-state.edu
Nichols, WendyOffice Specialist III - Business Officewnichols@k-state.edu
Ohlde, TylerAnimal Technician II -Dairy Unittohlde@ksu.edu
Olson, Casey J. Animal Technician II - KABSU colson@k-state.edu
Parsons, Jared Operations Manager - Dairy Plant jsp007@k-state.edu
Plummer, NathanAgricultural Technician II – Farm Shopniplumme@k-state.edu
Prather, LeonSupply Specialist - KABSUlprathe@k-state.edu
Rathbun, Theresa Research Assistant - Swine Lab trathbun@k-state.edu
Reasoner, Sarah Program/ Project Coordinator sreason@k-state.edu
Resser, Robert Seasonal Worker, Temporary - Poultry Unit rresser@k-state.edu
Sampson, MichaelResearch Technician - KABSUmsampson@k-state.edu
Sauvage, Karl (Tony)Agricultural Technician II  - Dairy Plantsauvage@k-state.edu
Scheffel, Michael Farm Manager - Dairy Unit Manager scheffel@k-state.edu
Schreiner, Lois Event Coordinator - Extension Programs lschrein@k-state.edu
Snell, KevinOffice Specialist II - Call Hall Business Officekpsnell@k-state.edu
Springer, CoreyOffice Specialist II - Business Officecaspring@k-state.edu
Stroda, Sally Research Assistant - Meat Sensory Lab sstroda@k-state.edu
Suhr, KylerResearch Assistant – Beef Stocker Unitkjsuhr@k-state.edu
Tajchman, AlanResearch Assistant - Under KC OlsonAjt2012@ksu.edu
Taul, Tom Clinical Veterinarian - KABSU Managerttaul@k-state.edu
Tucker, Sharon Research Technologist - KABSU  sktucker@k-state.edu
Werk, ShaneFarm Manager - Purebred Beef Unit Managersdw6633@k-state.edu
Wolf, John Operations Manager - Meat Lab Manager jwolf@k-state.edu