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Animal Sciences and Industry

Fee Schedule

K-State offers a wide variety of laboratory services. Click on the links below to view fees for available analyses.

K-State Meat Lab
Meat Cookery & Sensory Lab
Color Lab
Chemistry Lab
Microbiology Lab
Customized Service

**All fees subject to change.**

K-State Meat Lab

Facility Use Fee (with Personnel Support)

per day


Facility Use Fee (with Limited Personnel Support)per day$584.00
Facility Clean-Upper day$225.00
Smokehouse useper batch$73.00
Drying chamberper 24 hour period$37.00
Technical Assistanceper hour/per person$73.00
trained Student Laborper hour/per person$17.50
Packaging Chargeper package$3.43

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Meat Cookery and Sensory Lab

trained sensory panel evaluations (descriptive attribute panel)

K-State personnel involved in research

per sample$20.00
Service charge on any project$43.80

Service projects with accelerated schedule

per samplenegotiated

Consumer panel evaluation per sample $15.00

Warner-Bratzler shear force determination

K-State personnel involved in researchper sample$6.00
Service projectsper sample$10.00
Service projects with accelerated scheduleper samplenegotiated

Instron Testing

Service for use unrelated to Warner-Bratzler shear force determination

minimum charge$30.00
50 kg load cellper sample$1.50
500 kg load cellper sample$2.00
Technician time (beyond orientation)per hour$20.00

Blodgett oven and MagiKitchen Belt-Grill

Cooking not related to Warner-Bratzler shear force or trained sensory panel evaluation, or not associated with research projectper hour$20.00
Technician time (beyond orientation)per hour$20.00

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Color Lab

Visual color evaluationper sample$35.00
Instrumental color evaluationper sample/per time$4.38
Cooler useper sample/per day$4.38
Display case use, maintenance, clean-up, light bulbs.etc.per case/per day$36.50
Display case extended storage life studiesper projectvaries
Photography - Film$7.30
Photography - Digital$4.38
training Fees - Any instrument (minimum charge)per instrument$43.80
training Fees - Video Image Unitper hour$14.60
Microscrope Use (operator time fees separate)per hour$14.60
Spectrophotometer Use (operator time fees separate)per hour$14.60
Mini Scan Use (operator time fees separate)per hour$7.30
Video Image Analysis Use (operator time fees separate)per hour$29.20

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Chemistry Lab

Service Charge on Any Project$43.80
Data Entry, Graphic, Statistical Analysis & General Lab Laborper hour$14.60
Sample Preparationper sample$6.57
Packagingper sample/per time$4.38
Gas Analyses (O2, CO2)per sample/per time$4.38
Odor Analyses (3 member panel)per sample/per time$14.60
pH by Probeper sample/per time$3.00
pH by Solutionper sample/per time


Sarcomere Length by Laserper sample/per time$11.68
Sarcomere Length by Microscopeper sample/per time$21.90
Total Collagen (student run)per sample/per time$29.20
Total Collagen (student run with student labor provided)per sample/per time$36.50
Total Collagen (lab run)per sample/per time$43.80
Soluble Collagenadd per sample/per time (double if cooking is required)$10.22
WHC, Carver Press, Centrifugation, or Fish Hookper sample/per time$7.30
WHC (if cooking is required)twice normal rate

Proximate Analysis

Sample preparationper sample$3.00
Moisture contentper sample$3.00
Fat Contentper sample$6.00
Crude protein contentper sample$6.50
Ash Contentper sample$2.50

General Lab Procedures

Less InvolvedPigment Extractions, Hornsey, etc.$14.60
Moderately InvolvedTBARS, etc.$27.74
Extensively InvolvedElectropho, Histochem, etc.$55.48

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Microbiology Lab

Aerobic plate counts (petrifilm)per sample$15.00
E. coli plate counts (petrifilm)per sample$15.00

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Customized Service

Requests to do customized versions of a test already approved on an existing Schedule of Charges will be negotiated with the individual customer. The charge will be determined in accordance with PPM3085 and will include a component for recovery of indirect costs when an external customer is involved.