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Animal Sciences and Industry


Retzlaff, D., R. Phebus, C. Kastner, and J. Marsden. 2005. Establishment of minimum operational parameters for a high volume static chamber steam pasteurization system (SPS-400SC TM) for beef carcasses to support HACCP programs. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease. Vol. 2 No. 2;146-151.

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Retzlaff, D.D., S.A. Flores, C.L. Kastner, E.A. Boyle, and R.K. Phebus. 2000. Applied Meat and Poultry Microbiology Laboratory Modules (10 Video Series). Video Titles: Plant Sanitation Techniques; Verifying Plant Sanitation; Employee Hygiene and GMPs; Decontamination treatments for Carcasses and Fabricated Products; Laboratory Design and Safety; Aseptic Techniques; Collection of Product Samples; Sample Storage and Shipment; Media Preparation and Sample Analysis; Laboratory Techniques. Kansas Regents Educational Communications Center, Kansas State University.

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