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Animal Sciences and Industry

Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Distinguished Alumnus Award is given to one outstanding Kansas State University Animal Sciences & Industry alumni each year. These award winners are successful industry leaders.

(Links below are pdfs)

2021 Roy Henry

2019 Lorna Marshall

2018 Dr. Jim Riemann

2017 Dr. Larry Benyshek

2016 Dr. Larry Berger

2015 Jerry Bohn

2014 Bob Thaler

2013 Warren Weibert

2012 Craig Good

2011 Dr. Patsy Houghton

2010 Samuel Hands

2009 Dr. Dell M. Allen

2008 Dr. Larry Cundiff

2007 Dee Likes

2006 Max Deets

Don & Jane Good Outstanding Senior in Animal Science

Gabri LeoneKatie

Gabri Leone


2021 Katie Lybarger

Cole LiggettKeayla Harr 
2020 Cole Liggett 2019 Keayla Harr
Leah Scholz Joseph Limbach
2018 Leah Scholz 2017 Joseph Limbach
Michael CroppKiah Gourley
2016 Michael Cropp2015 Kiah Gourley
Tyler SchultzBobbi Ann Price
2014 Tyler Schultz2013 Bobbi Ann Shanks
2012 Austin DeZeeuw2011 Amy Sents