Meat Science & Food Safety

The Meat Science Program has a legacy of multi-species (beef, pork, lamb, poultry, exotic), multi-dimensional service to the livestock and meat industries in Kansas, nationally, and internationally.

The following characterize the program:

  • Many successful alumni in a variety of industry, academic and government positions
  • diversified and service oriented faculty
  • Excellent working relationships with meat and livestock industry personnel and academic personnel at other institutes
  • Attract quality undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds
  • Collaborative efforts with livestock scientists, food chemists, food microbiologists, vet medicine specialists, and social and economic scientists to solve industry-related issues
  • Involvement and leadership in professional organizations

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The Meat Science Faculty at Kansas State University conduct research in many areas from the living animal to postmortem changes. Research is dedicated to improving consumer's center-of-the-plate experiences through quality, safety, and value added processes.

Faculty conduct research in:

  • Tissue Growth and Development
  • Germ Plasm Characterization
  • Ante- and Post-Mortem Factors Affecting Meat Quality and Composition
  • Myofibrillar, Collagen and Pigment Chemistry
  • Packaging, Lighting, and Retail Display
  • Enhancement of Meat Quality and Palatability
  • Computer-Assisted Heating of Meat Products
  • Impact of Cooking Modifications on Meat Sensory traits
  • Processed, Value-Added Meats Including "Heat and Eat" Products
  • Safety of Meat and Meat Products
  • Safety Interventions
  • Development and Evaluation of "Designer Beef"
  • Case-Ready Meat Packaging (High Oxygen, CO and Ultra Low Oxygen) and Enhancement Factors Influencing Color and Color Stability
  • Development of Methods to Assess Meat Product Quality and Safety


The following lists contain resources provided for consumers, processors, and students.

Reference Materials

Education & Services

  • Courses - The Meat Science Faculty offer courses on the Manhattan Campus and through Distance Learning.

  • HACCP Workshop Schedule & Registration - Contains HACCP workshops in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota

  • Value Added Services & Programs - Kansas State University has a lot to offer processors! These services are intended to be convenient and cost-effective for every level of processor, large and small.

Faculty Research & Extension

Meat Science faculty cover a wide array of topics. The following is a list of those faculty whose principle assignment falls in the meat science area and the particular aspect emphasized in their research. You can click on their name if you'd like to see a more detailed description of their research foci.

Dr. Elizabeth Boyle
HACCP & Meat Safety

Dr. Michael Chao
Collagen and Meat Chemistry

Dr. Travis O'Quinn
Red Meat Quality and Sensory Analysis

Dr. Jessie Vipham
Food and Meat Safety

Dr. Morgan Zumbaugh
Muscle growth and development.