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Animal Sciences and Industry

Recent Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Najar-Villarreal F., E.A.E. Boyle, C. Vahl, Q. Kang, T.A. Houser, J.M. Gonzalez, J. Amamcharla, D. Vega, J.J. Kastner, and M.K. Cox. 2021. Correlation of Bioelectrical Impedance with Freshness Quality Attributes of Beef Longissimus Lumborum Steaks. Meat Muscle Biol. 5(1): p. 19, 1-11. Doi: https://doi.org/10.22175/mmb.11704.

Wu, W.J., A. A. Welter, B. A. Olson, E. A. Rice, T.G. O’Quinn, T. Houser, E. A. Boyle, G. Magnin-Bissel, and M. D. Chao. 2020. Biochemical factors affecting Asian consumers’ sensory preferences of six beef shank cuts. Meat Muscle Biol. 5(1):p.  6, 1-18. Doi: https://doi.org/10.22175/mmb.11626.

Najar-Villarreal, F., E.A.E. Boyle, T.A. Houser, R. Phebus, C.I. Vahl, J.M. Gonzalez, T.G. O'Quinn, J. Wolf, and D. Vega. 2020. Effect of extended hanging time on the microbial quality of pork carcasses and blade steaks. Meat Muscle Biol. 4:1-6. doi:10.22175/mmb.9494.

Najar-Villarreal, F., E.A.E. Boyle, R.D. Danler, T.G. O’Quinn, T.A. Houser, and J.M. Gonzalez. 2019. Fatty acid composition, proximate analysis, and consumer sensory evaluation of United States retail grass-fed ground beef. Meat Muscle Biol. 3:389-398. doi:10.22175/mmb2019.06.0018.

Hobson, A., J.M. Gonzalez, T. O’Quinn, E.A. Boyle, J.S. Smith, F.A. Karim, C.I. Vahl, R. Johnson, and T.A. Houser. 2019. Smoked sugar improves flavor stability of frozen sliced food service bacon. Meat Muscle Biol. 3:356-366. doi:10.22175/mmb2019.06.0020.

Drey, L.N., L.L. Prill, B.A. Olson, E.A. Rice, J.M. Gonzalez, J.L. Vipham, T.A. Houser, E.A.E. Boyle, and T.G. O’Quinn. 2019. Evaluation of marbling and enhancement’s abilities to compensate for reduced beef palatability at elevated degrees of doneness. J. Anim. Sci. 97:669-686. doi:10.1093/jas/sky435.