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Animal Sciences and Industry

Reproduction & Genetics


Cow-Calf Records || Genetic Selection || Genetic Tools || Management
Repro Tools || Reproductive Technologies


Cow-Calf Records

Body Condition Record Book
Cow-Calf Production Record Software (Oklahoma State University)
Production Records for Cow/Calf producers MF3298
SPA Reproduction and Production Data in Excel

Genetic Selection

Crossbreeding Beef Cattle
NBCEC Beef Sire Selection manual

Genetic Tools

Across Breed EPD Calculator
KSU Adj BW WW and YW worksheet
KSU Qualitative trait inheritance calculator


Calving Difficulty in Beef Cattle
Selection and Development of Replacement Heifers
Calving School video

Repro Tools

AI Calculator
Estrus synchronization Planner
KSU- Beef Replacement - Spreadsheet to evaluate the economic value of purchasing replacement females
KSU-Bull vs AI breeding Costs Budget
Management Minder

Reproductive Technologies

2019 Protocols for synchronization of estrus and ovulation (MF2573)
2021 Illustrations of recommended protocols as found in sire directories
Applied Reproductive Strategies Workshops, meeting coverage
Tips for a Successful Synchronization Program
Tips video