Graduate Faculty by Discipline

The department is staffed by faculty, instructors and/or research assistants representing the disciplines of breeding & genetics, food science, meat science, monogastric nutrition, ruminant nutrition and physiology. *Denotes graduate faculty that are certified to serve as the major professor for doctoral students.

Below is a list of faculty and instructors by discipline:

Breeding & Genetics || Food Science || Meat Science || Mongastric Nutrition || Ruminant Nutrition || Physiology

Breeding & Genetics

Name Email
Rolf Megan* Associate Professor
Mueller Maci Assistant Professor

Food Science

Name Email
Getty, Kelly* Associate Professor
Nutsch, Abbey Associate Professor/FDSCI Teaching Coordinator
Phebus, Randy* Professor
Retzlaff, Deanna Teaching Associate Professor
Smith, Scott* Professor/
Chair, Food Science Graduate Program
Trinetta, Valentina* Associate Professor
Yucel, Umut* Associate Professor

Meat Science

Name Email
Boyle, Liz* Professor/Extension Specialist
Chao, Michael* Associate Professor
O'Quinn, Travis* Associate Professor
Schaake, Scott Associate Professor
Vipham Jessie* Associate Professor
Zumbaugh Morgan* Assistant Professor

Mongastric Nutrition

Name Email
Beyer, Scott* Associate Professor/Extension Specialist
DeRouchey, Joel* Professor/State Extension Leader
Douthit, Teresa* Professor
Goodband, Bob* University Distinguished Professor/Extension Specialist
Jones, Cassie* Professor/Teaching Coordinator
Tokach, Mike* University Distinguished Professor/Research Coordinator
Woodworth, Jason* Research Professor

Ruminant Nutrition

Name Email
Blasi, Dale* Professor/Extension Specialist
Brouk, Mike* Professor/Extension Specialist
Brown, Billy* Assistant Professor
Drouillard, Jim* Professor
Farney, Jaymelynn Associate Professor / Extension Specialist
Olson, K C* Professor
Tarpoff, A.J. Associate Professor/ Extension Veterinarian
Thompson Logan* Assistant Professor
Titgemeyer, Evan* Professor/ASI Graduate Program Director
Waggoner, Justin Professor/Extension Specialist
Warner, Jason* Assistant Professor/Extension Specialist


Name Email
Dias, Nicholas Wege* Assistant Professor
Fike, Karol* Teaching Professor
Gomez Leon Victor* Assistant Professor/Extension Specialist
Grieger, David* Professor
Hulbert, Lindsey* Associate Professor/Animal Behavior
Johnson, Sandy Professor/Extension Specialist
Kouba, Joann* Associate Professor
Rozell, Tim* Professor