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Animal Sciences and Industry

Faculty & Instructors Directory by Discipline

The department is staffed by faculty, instructors and/or research assistants representing the disciplines of breeding & genetics, food science, meat science, monogastric nutrition, ruminant nutrition and physiology. Below is a list of faculty and instructors by discipline:

Breeding & Genetics || Food Science || Meat Science || Mongastric Nutrition || Ruminant Nutrition || Physiology || Administration/Extension Specialists/Instructors 

Breeding & Genetics

Name Email
Bormann, JenniferProfessorEmail
Rolf, MeganAssociate ProfessorEmail

Food Science

Name Email
Amamcharla, JayendraProfessorEmail
Getty, KellyAssociate ProfessorEmail
Gragg, SaraAssociate ProfessorEmail
Nutsch, AbbeyAssociate ProfessorEmail
Phebus, RandyProfessorEmail
Retzlaff, DeannaTeaching Associate ProfessorEmail
Schmidt, KarenProfessor/Chair Food Science Undergraduate ProgramEmail
Smith, ScottProfessor/
Chair, Food Science Graduate Program
Thurston, JeanetteDirector of the Food Science Institute/ProfessorEmail
Trinetta, ValentinaAssociate ProfessorEmail
Yucel, Umut Assistant ProfessorEmail

Meat Science

Name Email
Boyle, LizProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Chao, MichaelAssistant ProfessorEmail
O'Quinn, TravisAssociate Professor Email 
Vipham, JessieAssistant ProfessorEmail
Zumbaugh, Morgan Assistant Professor Email

Mongastric Nutrition

Name Email
Beyer, ScottAssociate ProfessorEmail
DeRouchey, JoelProfessor/State Extension LeaderEmail
Douthit, TeresaProfessorEmail
Goodband, BobProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Jones, CassieProfessorEmail
Nelssen, JimProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Stark, CharlesProfessor, Feed SafetyEmail
Tokach, MikeUniversity Distinguished ProfessorEmail
Woodworth, JasonResearch Professor Email

Ruminant Nutrition

Name Email
Blasi, DaleProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Brouk, MikeProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Crane, AlisonAssistant Professor / Extension SpecialistEmail
Drouillard, JimProfessorEmail
Farney, JaymelynnAssociate Professor / Extension SpecialistEmail
Gomez Leon, VictorAssistant Professor / Extension SpecialistEmail
Olson, K CProfessorEmail
Tarpoff, A.J.Associate Professor/ Extension SpecialistEmail
Titgemeyer, EvanProfessor/Research CoordinatorEmail
Vieira-Neto, AchillesAssistant Professor / Dairy Cattle NutritionEmail


Name Email
Fike, KarolTeaching Associate ProfessorEmail
Grieger, DavidProfessorEmail
Hulbert, LindseyAssociate Professor/Animal BehaviorEmail
Jaeger, JohnProfessor/Beef Cattle ScientistEmail
Johnson, SandyProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Kouba, JoannAssociate ProfessorEmail
Rozell, TimProfessorEmail
Stevenson, JeffProfessorEmail

Administration/Extension Specialists/Instructors

Name Email
Day, MikeDepartment HeadEmail

Mullinix, Chris 

Instructor/Livestock Judging Team CoachEmail
Nichols, DaveProfessor/Teaching CoordinatorEmail
Pope, RonInstructorEmail
Schaake, ScottAssociate ProfessorEmail
Winn, CasyInstructor / Rodeo CoachEmail