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Animal Sciences and Industry

Faculty & Instructors Directory by Discipline

The department is staffed by faculty, instructors and/or research assistants representing the disciplines of breeding & genetics, food science, meat science, monogastric nutrition, ruminant nutrition and physiology. Below is a list of faculty and instructors by discipline:

Breeding & Genetics || Food Science || Meat Science || Mongastric Nutrition || Ruminant Nutrition || Physiology || Administration/Extension Specialists/Instructors 

Breeding & Genetics

Name Email
Bormann, JenniferProfessorEmail
Rolf, MeganAssociate ProfessorEmail
Weaber, BobProfessor / Extension SpecialistEmail

Food Science

Name Email
Amamcharla, JayendraAssociate ProfessorEmail
Getty, KellyAssociate ProfessorEmail
Gragg, SaraAssociate ProfessorEmail
Nutsch, AbbeyAssociate ProfessorEmail
Phebus, RandyProfessorEmail
Retzlaff, DeannaTeaching Associate ProfessorEmail
Schmidt, KarenProfessor/Chair Food Science Undergraduate ProgramEmail
Smith, ScottProfessor/
Chair, Food Science Graduate Program
Thurston, JeanetteDirector of the Food Science Institute/ProfessorEmail
Trinetta, ValentinaAssistant ProfessorEmail
Yucel, Umut Assistant ProfessorEmail

Meat Science

Name Email
Boyle, LizProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Chao, MichaelAssistant ProfessorEmail
O'Quinn, TravisAssociate Professor Email 
Vipham, JessieAssistant ProfessorEmail

Mongastric Nutrition

Name Email
Beyer, ScottAssociate ProfessorEmail
DeRouchey, JoelProfessor/State Extension LeaderEmail
Douthit, TeresaProfessorEmail
Goodband, BobProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Jones, CassieAssociate ProfessorEmail
Lattimer, JamesAssistant ProfessorEmail 
Nelssen, JimProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Stark, CharlesProfessor, Feed SafetyEmail
Tokach, MikeUniversity Distinguished ProfessorEmail
Woodworth, JasonResearch Professor Email

Ruminant Nutrition

Name Email
Blasi, DaleProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Brouk, MikeProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Crane, AlisonAssistant Professor / Extension SpecialistEmail
Drouillard, JimProfessorEmail
Farney, JaymelynnAssociate Professor / Extension SpecialistEmail
Olson, K CProfessorEmail
Tarpoff, A.J.Assistant Professor/ Extension SpecialistEmail
Titgemeyer, EvanProfessor/Research CoordinatorEmail


Name Email
Fike, KarolTeaching Associate ProfessorEmail
Grieger, DavidProfessorEmail
Hulbert, LindseyAssistant Professor/Animal BehaviorEmail
Jaeger, JohnProfessor/Beef Cattle ScientistEmail
Johnson, SandyProfessor/Extension SpecialistEmail
Kouba, JoannAssociate ProfessorEmail
Rozell, TimProfessorEmail
Stevenson, JeffProfessorEmail

Administration/Extension Specialists/Instructors

Name Email
Day, MikeDepartment HeadEmail
Lee, Charles Instructor/Extension Specialist - Wildlife Control Email

Mullinix, Chris 

Instructor/Livestock Judging Team CoachEmail
Nichols, DaveProfessor/Teaching CoordinatorEmail
Pope, RonInstructorEmail
Schaake, ScottAssociate ProfessorEmail
Winn, CasyInstructor / Rodeo CoachEmail