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Animal Sciences and Industry

Facilities - Alphabetical Listing

Beef Cattle Research Center (BCRC)
Beef Stocker Unit
Call Hall
Call Hall Dairy Bar
Cow-Calf Unit
Dairy Plant
Dairy Teaching and Research Center
Farm Shop
Food Chemistry
Food Micro Lab
Food Safety and Defense Laboratory
Heritage Room
Horse Unit
KABSU (Kansas Artificial Breeding Service Unit)
KSU Meat Lab
Meat Color
Meat Cookery/Sensory
Meat Microbiology
Muscle Biology/ Meat Chemistry Lab
Molecular Biology Lab
Physiology/Endocrinology Lab
Poultry Unit
Pre-Harvest Food Safety Lab
Purebred Beef Unit
Ruminant Nutrition Lab
Schmidt Lab
Sheep & Meat Goat Center
Swine Early Wean Building
Swine Lab
Swine Unit
Tissue Culture Lab
Value-Added/Product Development Lab
Weber Arena
Weber Hall